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Perfect Tortilla Bowls are so easy to use, convenient, and taste great! You can bake a delicious and crunchy tortilla shell in no time at all. It couldn’t be easier, simply place any size tortilla shell in the Perfect Tortilla Pan, bake it in the oven for 5-7 minutes, and it’s ready to eat. It’s the perfect addition to any meal. Fill Perfect Tortilla with your favorite dips, taco salad, or even desserts. Everyone loves a crisp and crunchy tortilla shell.








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5 Responses to How To Use

  1. Linda Noyes says:

    Do you have any dessert recipes you can share? I’ve lost my recipe booklet which came with the perfect tortilla bowls when I ordered them so I’m lost. I’m thankful you had the basic recipes as I needed to know oven temp and couldn’t find it anywhere online until I got to your site. Thanks.

  2. Madara says:

    My kids absolutely love these. Your tips rllaey helped! They are definitely crunchier if you put them in oil before baking. I’ve only used them a few times, but so far I have no complaints. The pans are exactly what you need to make perfect tortilla bowls. They’re inexpensive too! Have you ever tried making desserts in the shells?

  3. Bob Doss says:

    How hot do I set the oven for the tortillas to cook in 5-7 minutes?

  4. Debb says:

    Didn’t know that you could use the burrito sized tortillas. Thanks for all of the recipe, ideas!!

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